Motivating Mums/Coaching

Sometimes life gets tough and it becomes hard to find what matters and who you are and who you want to be. Our coaching coarse can help those who: Feel lost after having children, not sure of who they are when they are not being a mum,

Feel overwhelmed with life and how to get balance, Feel stressed and anxious about change and new direction, Need to find a fresh way to look at life and the situations it throws at us.

Introducing Tara Lee

Tara Lee loves to help un clutter the mind and help  you find the clarity and confidence you need and want. After seeing so many people (mothers in particular) feel undervalued, stressed and in complete overwhelm Tara put together a programme of strategies to help you understand your purpose and direction and be content with what you have, and change what you need too to create a happy healthy lifestyle that you love to live!

4x 1hr Coaching sessions $299

*Coaching is mainly content free, it is not counselling and is to help you find strategies to move forward.