Tension Relieving Corporate Massage in Narre Warren

We are committed to helping our beloved community relieve the stress and fatigue that comes with every day life. In today’s corporate environment, life can be quite intense. Long hours spent seated in the same position can take their toll on the body, and it is important to allow yourself some me time to alleviated some of the tension that comes with office work.


To help reduce some of the stress placed upon our bodies by long days in the office, Eclipse offers corporate massage out of  Narre Warren.  This form of therapy is specifically-designed to diminish the stress, tension, fatigue and discomfort associated with being seated in the office all day.


Located near Berwick, Hallam and Hampton Park, we are proud to offer this much-needed service to business people and those who feel they need a little tension-relief throughout their body.


What Is Corporate Massage?

This type of technique is designed to alleviate the physical and mental tension associated with working in an office. Conducted in an ergonomic chair, clients are not required to remove any clothing and no oil is required (making it convenient for being conducted in an office environment). The masseuse provides a range of treatments with the intention of increasing energy, concentration, reducing pains, fatigue and muscle tension that builds up over time.


The masseuse focuses on relieving tension in the neck, back, legs, arms and shoulders, as these are the areas that carry the most tension from working at a desk. We are proud to offer this form of therapy that is so necessary for today’s stressful work environment.



Seated Massage

– 5 to 20 minutes per person – Fully clothed and seated With the use of relaxation and deep tissue techniques, our fully qualified therapist(s) will provide a seated session that can help relieve muscle tension with minimal distraction or time commitment. Muscle tension can be the cause of headaches, migraines and restriction of movement in neck..


Table Massage

– 20 to 60 minutes per person – Treatment provided in an enclosed room and is done laying down with special oil During a treatment our fully qualified therapists can work through the lower back, Para spinal muscles as well as neck and back. This will help release muscle tension in neck and shoulders, reducing headaches as well as helping to manage lower back pain.


Allow Yourself to Be Pampered By Our Professionals

The team of professional massage therapists at our salon are here to help reduce the stress associated with stress, fatigue and anxiety. It is important to give yourself some occasional me time and take care of yourself. We are a keen advocate of healthy living practices, and believe that receiving occasional relief is a great way to start working towards a healthy lifestyle.


So, if you think it’s time that you reduced some of that stress and tension associated with your work schedule, feel free to give us a call on 03 9704 0761 and we will be happy to book you in for a time that suits you best.