How Long Should I Wait to Exercise Post-Massage?

It’s typically recommended that you don’t immediately exercise post-massage. However, athletes often feel spry and limber after receiving a sports massage. This makes them think they can head straight to the gym.
Eclipse Massage is here to discuss how long you should wait to to exercise post-massage.

So, How Long Should I Wait?

It’s typically recommended you wait around 24 hours after your massage to exercise. There are a range of reasons for this.


Many people assume that the reason you’re supposed to drink water after a sports massage is to speed up the body’s metabolism and flush toxins into the bloodstream. The idea is that water helps your kidneys process metabolic waste to rapidly excrete it from your system. However, there’s no real scientific evidence to support this theory.
However, massage vigorously works your muscles and increases circulation. This tends to make your body use water at an accelerated rate. For this purpose, you have a greater chance of becoming dehydrated. Drink plenty of water and provide your body with plenty of time to catch up before you head back to the gym.


Delayed onset muscle soreness, or DOMS, is a normal side-effect of a massage. Your licenced massage therapists works and manipulates your muscles. You won’t always experience this soreness, but it is common.
Immediately working out after your massage may compound the effects of DOMS, leaving you in more pain than usual.
Note: If you begin to experience persistent, severe pain post-massage, you should immediately contact your masseuse. A bit of soreness is fine; intense soreness is not.

Injury Risk

An accepted belief among professional masseuses is that the pressure from massage can make your connective tissue and muscle pliable and “get-like”. High-intensity exercise can potentially strain your tissue and muscles while they’re in a post-massage state.

And Light Exercise?

In general, it’s normal to do some light exercise, such as jogging or walking, after receiving sports massage. If you’re unsure, ask our professionals and they will be glad to give you suitable advice.
Remember that massage is a greatly relaxing experience, and it’s normal to even feel tired afterwards. Missing your workout after sports massage isn’t the worst thing to happen. You should really want to relax and enjoy the calming nature of the massage.
Rather than exercising after your massage, Eclipse Day Spa recommends massage post-workout. It helps your body recover from the effects of those strenuous, high-intensity sessions.

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