Kerryn Lang


Kerryn Lang

30 Jul

How Long Should I Wait to Exercise Post-Massage?

It’s typically recommended that you don’t immediately exercise post-massage. However, athletes often feel spry and limber after receiving a sports massage. This makes them think they can head straight to the gym.   Eclipse Massage is here to discuss how long you should wait to to exercise post-massage.   So, How Long Should I Wait? […]


28 Jul

The Benefits of Sports Massage

An athlete’s top performance may be dependant upon the proper application and use of sports massage. More than an injury treatment, sports massage provides overwhelming benefits for athletes physically, psychologically and physiologically.   Sports massage is designed to prepare the athlete to perform at their peak, relieve muscle swelling/tension and reduce fatigue. During strenuous physical […]


24 Jul

What is the Difference Between Sports and Deep Tissue Massage?

Two common types of massage that have some similarities are sports and deep tissue massage. Understanding the difference between these two massage types can help you decide the best option for you.   Deep Tissue vs. Sports Massage   Although physical techniques are similar, sports massage is aimed towards athletes. The focus of the intervention […]

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