Skincare: Salon vs. Supermarket

As a skincare therapist I get asked all kind of weird and wonderful questions. But there is

one in particular which comes up in conversation, time and time again, which I would really

love to address.

“Why should I spend money on professional skin care, when I can get it for half the price or

less at the supermarket?”

This actually is a great question! So I’ve decided to properly explain it here, once and for


So many terms are thrown around these days; ‘active ingredients’, ‘paraben free’,

‘cosmeceutical’, ‘enzymes’ and all the different vitamins. These terms get your attention

don’t they? But what do they mean? Does your individual skin actually need them?

Our products contain a lot of these fancy terms too. However, just because two products

have the same or similar active ingredients does not mean they work to the same

efficiency. Usually the cost of a salon product is more expensive as they use higher

amounts of active ingredients than salon brands or the delivery method is more advanced;

the ingredients are better absorbed into the skin.


Secondly, I would like to touch base on skin types and the importance of skin

assessments. Our skin is one of largest organs in the body; its major functions are

protection, regulation and sensation. If our skin is not functioning to its full ability, these

functions may become compromised. When people come into the salon and we do a

consultation, they often describe their skin to have a different type to what we later assess

them to have. This means that without professional help they would have walked into a

supermarket and picked up a product that may not be suited to their skin, and therefore

cause damage instead of good.

Lastly, have you ever compared cost to usage? We have found that most people buy a

new cleanser from the supermarket every month or so. Our salon brand cleansers usually

last a couple of months at least! Why? Because supermarket brands contain more fillers to

make their product go further; so you go through your bottles a lot faster.


I could go on and on for hours about the differences, but nothing beats actually trying it for

yourself. So, if you want to see the difference, book yourself in for a facial with us. Your

skin will be assessed by a professional and we will give you samples of the best skin care

for your skin to try at home. I guarantee you will feel the difference as soon as our

products hit your skin.

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