Answers To Your Frequently Asked Beauty Questions

BeautyHaving worked in the beauty industry for many years we often get asked a variety of questions. We’ve put together the ones we are most frequently asked below:

What is the difference between waxing and shaving?

Waxing pulls the hair out from the root meaning it will take longer to grow back. During the waxing process trauma to the hair is caused resulting in some hairs not growing back therefor hair growth becomes less. Shaving simply cuts hair, which promotes more growth at the same rate, leaving usually only 1-2 days hair free.

Why should I use a primer?

Primer creates a barrier between your skin and your make up. It allows make up to go on effectively without being absorbed into the skin as much. This is better for your skin and makes your make up last much longer

What do I need to do before a spray tan?

You should come to your tanning appointment having showered and exfoliated a few hours beforehand. Exfoliating your skin will give the tan more even coverage and will make it last longer. No deodorant or cream to the skin should be worn.

Do I need to be naked to get a spray tan?

You can wear as little or as much clothing as you like! Many people will get fully naked, but others chose to leave their underwear on. It depends how comfortable you feel and where you are going, remembering anything not tanned will have a great contrast in colour.

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Does a Brazilian wax hurt?

During this treatment we are pulling hair for the root in a sensitive area so it can be painful for people. The initial wax is the most painful with pain becoming less each time for most people.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Eyelash extensions are glued to each individual last therefore as long as they are not pulled or rubbed they will come out with the natural cycle of your lashes. Most people will find that lashes will be completely off by 6 weeks. If you intend to keep them looking fresh all the time refills (where new lashes are added as the old ones fall out) are usually done around 2 to 3 weeks. There is no pain whatsoever having lashes put on but is a good idea to make sure the therapist is trained and using good quality products as to stop any irritation.

What is a facial? I don’t know if I need one?

A facial is one of the most relaxing yet results driven treatments and is often misunderstood. During the treatment the therapist will assess any skin concerns and cleanse your skin with beautiful relaxing massage strokes. It includes exfoliation, massage and a mask, which is followed by moisturiser. There is usually a beautiful neck and scalp massage involved which leaves you feeling amazing!

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Do I need to stand in weird positions to get a Brazilian wax?

NO! The wax is done all with you lying on your back on the legs, you will need to pop each leg out to the side and lift your knees up but that is it. It is all done without you feeling too exposed!

What is IPL?

IPL (intense pulse light) is a machine that gives of bursts of light to reduce hair growth. It is more permanent than waxing and has skin rejuvenation qualities too, helping get rid of ingrown hairs!

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